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Red Bull Athletic Performance Center

Santa Monica, CA

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Project Type: Commercial

Project Size: 11,400 sf

The project consisted of repurposing an existing masonry building in the heart of Santa Monica.

The client wanted to create a state of the art training facility, using the latest in R&D technology for physical and mental performance. The existing office facility was repurposed for podium athletes, providing space for physical training, injury rehabilitation, and mental performance training. The scope of work required an extensive equipment procurement effort including various gym flooring consultants and gym equipment vendors to fine tune performance needs, with calibrated equipment requirements. There are a variety of program functions that relate to athletics and athlete management including phone rooms, conference rooms, locker and shower rooms, biomechanics and mental performance laboratories, and physical therapy functions making this project a fine balance between interior architecture, design, and performance needs. 


The double height mezzanine space allowed for connectivity and sightlines between varied functions.

The lighting strategy spoke to the inherent high energy output of athletes, striving to energize the building inhabitants while providing light levels appropriate to the explicit functions. 

The main Strength and Conditioning area on the ground floor allowed for specific and flexible programs, from free-weight training to dynamic, athlete specific training obstacles.